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Our clinic space is located at 13 Mayes Ave, Caloundra QLD.

We can't wait to see you there!

Welcome to Limitless Allied Health

We are a fun, hard-working Allied Health Team on the Sunshine Coast working with all ages from new borns to young adults!

Paediatric occupational therapy

What are we passionate about?


Providing families  with individualised care for everyone.

We see clients from new borns to 25 years of age and treat them all with the same level of care and respect we would show our friends and family.

Helping kids, teens and young adults overcome unique challenges is our way of making a positive impact within the Sunshine Coast community.

Here in this space, we’re all in it together.

At Limitless, we are committed listeners.


We take each family’s individual experiences into account so we can customise therapy for each child.


No two people are exactly alike! Because of that, it’s important to create unique sessions for each client so they can connect easily and achieve the best results possible.

Our therapists are experienced in helping with both physical and cognitive disabilities, as well as with multiple diagnoses.



This list includes, but is not limited to:

- Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
- Intellectual Impairment (II)
- Hypotonia
- Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)
- Developmental Delays
- Neuromuscular Disorders
- Chromosomal Disorders



If you’re on the Sunshine Coast, looking for an experienced  occupational therapist near you, then you’re
in the right place!

Occupational therapy for kids

Are you wondering,
"What is Occupational Therapy?"

We're glad you asked.



Putting it simply, occupational therapy helps support independence and participation in day-to-day occupations.

Everyone has various roles and routines they start to engage in from a young age. These things make up their occupations and will look different whether at home, in school or in the community. 

Occupations of children, teens and young adults will all include various social skills, play skills, self-care skills, fine and gross motor skills, and emotional and behaviour regulation skills. 

Home occupations might include dressing, toileting, eating and washing.

School occupations might include making friends, listening, writing and emotional regulation.

Community occupations might include sports, hobbies, a job and interacting appropriately.

Occupational therapy helps people who have trouble with specific skills that don't develop as easily.


These skills could be physical, emotional, cognitive or a combination. When an underdeveloped skill affects your child's ability to participate in a certain occupation, extra attention and support is needed.


Early intervention with occupational therapy for kids can play a key part in enabling them to develop and adapt positively.Our holistic approach to therapy means we also provide parents, carers and teachers the tools and support they need while working alongside other medical professionals involved. 

Paediatric occupational therapy sessions involve teaching and practicing the skills and techniques that will help each individual reach their goals. By using specific games and interactive activities, we are able to target different areas for growth – all while keeping it fun and engaging!

Our purpose is to help your child develop the skills they need so they can become more confident and aware as they grow into the amazing humans that they are.

What is Paediatric Occupationl Therapy?

Our experienced occupational therapists see clients with a wide range of presentations and backgrounds.


Even better? Our services are all completely tailored to the individual and their specific goals and needs.

Limitless Occupational Therapy, Sunshine Coast

By providing tools and techniques that encourage growth, we help your child overcome challenges in a way that enables them to feel ‘limitless.’

Wondering what it looks like to get started?

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