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How to get started and our list of occupational therapy services (including fees)!

Getting your child started with Occupational Therapy is as simple as 4 easy steps.

We know starting any type of therapy can feel overwhelming. Our goal is to help you understand the process and to answer all your questions along the way.

How to start occupational therapy
Get started with occupational therapy for your child.

Intake Process for Occupational Therapy:

Step 1

Initial Consultation

Step 2

Assessment Session

Step 3

Parent Feedback Session

Step 4

Therapy Sessions

Initial Consultation


Your fist appointment is booked for 30 minutes and is parents or guardians only. You will meet the occupational therapist and go over background history, concerns and goals. From this, the therapist will then discuss which areas to assess.

Assessment Session

Occupational therapy assessments may take anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on the child and types of assessments being done. Parents are not required to sit-in during the session. For a list of the assessments we offer click here.

Parent Feedback Session

Your final appointment is also 30 minutes and parents or guardians only. The occupational therapist will go over results of the assessments, discuss therapy goals and recommend a therapy plan for moving forward.

Therapy Sessions

Once those 3 appointments are complete, we can move into your child's ongoing occupational therapy sessions. We offer 60 (Standard) or 80 minute sessions which can be held either weekly or fortnightly. The sessions recur the same time and day each week so they are easy to remember and add to your schedule.

Service List & Fee Schedule

Cancellation Fees:


We have a 12 hour cancellation policy.

 This allows our families as much time as possible to let us know if something changes!

Failure to cancel a session within 12 hours of the agreed booking time will result in a 50% cancellation fee. 

If the session can be rescheduled, or alternative billable work completed, this fee can be waived.

NDIS Progress Reports:


Progress reports are billed at our hourly rate of $190.

They take approximately 2 hours, costing $360, however more complex reports will take longer.

Getting Started


Initial Consultation – $96

30 minutes, inclusive of 5 minutes for therapist to write notes. 

Low-level Assessment  + OT Report – Ranging between $386 - $581

      Approx. 1 hour assessment and 1-hours of report writing. Inclusive of an OT report. Suitable            for children with handwriting goals or 1-2 simple goals.

Standard Assessment + OT Report – Ranging between $688 - $872

Approx. 1.5 hour assessment and 2-3 hours of report writing. Inclusive of an OT report. Suitable for most children attending therapy who do not need a long report for a diagnosis or NDIS.

Comprehensive Assessment + OT Report – Ranging between $969 - $1163

Approx. 2 hour assessment and 3-4 hours of report writing. Inclusive of a 10-15 page comprehensive report. Suitable for children with a range of complex needs or who are going for a diagnosis.

Parent Feedback Session – $96

      30 minutes, inclusive of 5 minutes for therapist to write notes.

Service List and Fee Schedule

Ongoing Therapy Sessions

60 Minute Sessions – $193

Standard session, suitable for most children. Includes a 45 minute face to face therapy session and 15 minutes note-taking time. 60 minute sessions are suitable for the Equine Assisted Occupational Therapy sessions.

80 Minute Sessions – $258

Longer session, for older children or those with multiple goals. Includes a 60 minute face to face therapy session and 20 minutes note-taking time 

Kids OT Sessions held in clinic, school or at home.


Our occupational therapy sessions are held at 13 Mayes Avenue, Caloundra.

Our clinic is a fun and functional environment that aids learning, concentration and motor skill development.

Equine Assisted Occupational Therapy

Equine Assisted Occupational Therapy sessions are offered in a natural setting  with horses for on- ground activities.

Equine Assisted OT sessions are run on- site at Equine Assisted Learning on the Sunshine Coast.

Participants are chosen depending on the participants goals and suitability. 


Occupational therapy sessions can be held at your child's school on the Sunshine Coast. See our current list of schools we service.

The therapist works closely with your child's teacher to discuss classroom strategies.

Teacher consultation and support is also offered for schools we service.

Occupational Therapy Screeners

Preschool/Prep/School Screenings – $47

Occupational Therapy Screeners are a quick check, to screen a child for any developmental delays or the need for further assessment.

They include 20 minutes of screening, a basic report and a 15 minute phone call discussing the results if required. 

Non Face-to-Face Services


Billed at the hourly rate of $193.99 per hour (rounded down to the nearest $)

These services will only be billed if they take over 30 minutes; billed in 10 minute increments.

Non Face-to-Face Services relate to delivering specific, individualised support for your child's goals. Parent or guardian agreement will always be obtained prior to undertaking these. 

These services include:

  • Telehealth/Phone Calls – Including case conferences, communication with teachers, paediatricians or other allied health regarding the client's shared goals.

  • Paperwork – Home-programs, teacher/classroom programs, information sheets created directly from research undertaken and letters to other allied health professionals/paediatricians. 

  • Resource Creation – Production of resources like social stories, visual schedules, visual aids, etc.

Occupational Therapy presentations and webinars with Limitless OT.



We offer Occupational Therapy presentations and in-services that are available for teachers, parents or early learning centre facilitators.


All our presentations are individually tailored to meet your area of need and are available on a variety of topics. The cost includes the time taken to create, prepare and deliver the presentation and any additional handouts. 


These can be held on-site at the school for staff professional development. There are also a range of on-demand webinars available, including topics such as: Toileting, behaviour management and developmental trauma.


We offer the following occupational therapy webinars for easy, affordable learning at home. 

· Toilet Training Your Child

· Behaviour Management with Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA)

· Developmental Trauma and Repair

· Play Education

· Sensory System

Travel Fees

If applicable, travel is billed at our hourly rate of $193.99 per hour. 

Non labor travel cost will be charged at 96c per km.

We charge for the time taken for the therapist to drive there and to their next location, within NDIS allowances or within work hours. 


Travel fees can be divided by the amount of participants in one location. 


Cancellation Fees


We have the same cancellation policy for both NDIS and private-paying clients.

100% cancellation fee for less than 48 hours notice.

If the session can be rescheduled or alternative billable work completed, this fee is waived.

NDIS Progress Reports


Progress reports are billed at our hourly rate of $193.99.

If you have any questions about getting started with Occupational Therapy, what level assessment your child may need, or about any of the other services listed, please give us a call or use our contact form to get in touch.

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